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We believe that through the power of collective decentralization, we can build something more powerful than centralized teams. 

Our founding principles:

1. We start from scratch, from scratch. Creating something out of nothing is the spirit of our project.

2. We did not start from an existing community, let alone a pre-assembled team. The brains behind GlieseCoin have never worked together before. They're a new team of developers, designers, moderators, marketers, and childcare. When you join GlieseCoin from anywhere in the world, you discover where your talents can best be used and get to work.

3. We are proud of Gliese581g and equally excited for our future, building from scratch means everyone has to make a difference. We GlieseCoin holders and believers are the source of all our success.

When comparing different blockchains, you might wonder why we chose to stay on the BNB Chain. As with the rest of our project, the answers were straightforward and purposeful. It's already secure and complete, and it really allows us to remain decentralized.

His first priority is to ensure that his projects are free to change and grow with zero impact from external regulations, and the BNB Chain is the way to do that. Our teams are able to hold their own tokens in wallets and receive payments from anywhere in the world while remaining independent from regulatory forces.

These aspects of BNB Chain make the perfect foundation for trading on PancakeSwap, a truly decentralized exchange where you can trade, buy and sell.

In the future, our team will develop an exclusive Swap belonging to GlieseCoin.


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