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TRANSPARENCY & COMMUNITY: Gliese is fully decentralized and ownerless, supported by its community of enthusiasts. Free, open, and frank communication is encouraged among the community supporters so that everyone can be informed and even participate in every step of Gliese growth! Multiple, independent, free group efforts in development, community self-management, and more are strongly encouraged!

TRUST: In the cryptocurrency space, trust is paramount. That means full transparency from the team, not only in the development of the project, but also in the security of the project. Examples include industry-leading audits of $GLC code, and a liquidity lock to ensure there is no risk of malicious behavior.

LONGEVITY: The Gliese team is here for the long haul. The team and community are in the process of creating an ecosystem that will stand the test of time and result in real use cases, greater rewards, and popularity beyond any temporary trends.


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